About Us

While we were both born in Oregon, Jamie lived in the same small town until college, whereas Landon spent part of his childhood living in South America, and part on the north Oregon coast. Both of us fell in love with travel at a young age, as well as serving others and going on adventures.

Landon loves: Jesus, his wife, fishing, traveling, his family, to cook, mountain biking, connecting people, laughter, dinners with good conversation, a good microbrew and catching salmon on the Oregon coast. And his little girl, Scout.

Jamie loves: Jesus, Landon, traveling, coffee, her family, blackberry cobbler, to write, photography, eating Landon’s cooking, running, lifting weights, seeing people be well and exploring cultures. And being able to be a mama to Scout.

We are constantly amazed at the Lord’s hand in our life and are grateful every day for each other and His mercy.

* And, as of November 3rd of 2017, we are now the proud parents of a beautiful little girl named Scout. She is she sweetest baby and we can’t believe she’s actually ours. *