In this part of our journey it can be hard for me to think of things to write about. We aren’t in Nicaragua yet. We are still going to our jobs here. Buying groceries here. Paying our electricity bill here. It seems sort of the same, day in and day out, and not like anything anyone would want to read about. But I also promised myself that I would write even when I didn’t think I had anything to share, even when it sounded boring to me. So here it goes…

If you follow along with us on Instagram  you will have read that we are officially moving out of our apartment in the Whitaker at the end of December. In fact, we received our move-out instructions in the mail yesterday! Even though we have been preparing for this in sorting through everything and then selling almost all of it, I am sure that when we turn in our keys in a few short weeks there will be some emotions I’m not ready for. This little apartment has been our home for over the past three years. We have loved living in this part of town, so close to breweries, coffee houses and running paths. We have met incredible people in our neighbors, some of which we have become dear friends with and are already planning to meet up with in Nicaragua. We have been blessed by our landlord’s management style, and are grateful to have found such a beautiful place to come home to. I know it will feel strange to not return here.

By reading the past paragraph you might now be wondering, “Um, so where are you going to live after the end of this month?” The answer is breathtakingly generous: with some close friends, in their brand new home, in which they have already delegated the upstairs as our space. I’m not kidding. We went to their house to see it the other day, and as we walked upstairs they said, “So basically all of this up here is for you guys.” Um, what?! Not only will we have a room and bathroom, but also a bonus room that will act as a sort of living space for us. And all for the price of pitching in on utilities and Landon helping with cooking. We have been floored by their generosity, and just writing about this all has me on the brink of tears.

And on the subject of housing, we have a house to live in for June and July in Nicaragua!! A family who teaches at Nicaragua Christian Academy needed someone to sub-let their home for a couple of months while they are away, and we will be the ones to do that. It is an immense relief to know that when we get back from language school we will have a place to land, if even for a couple of months. I’m also excited for it because I feel like it will give us some time to find out where we want to rent, without feeling rushed.

Please continue to pray with us about our transition and the finances to get to and be in Nicaragua. We are at about 50% of our monthly needs and only 15% of our one time need. Those numbers feel discouraging to me, but I know the Lord told us to go, so I trust that He will make a way.

If you have considered supporting us, or feel an urge to as you read this, please contact us. We know we are still several months away from flying south, but we also want to have the financial aspect of moving taken care of well ahead of time so that we can focus on the kids and the work we have to do in Nicaragua when we get there, rather than on how we are going to pay rent and put gas in a car.

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