About a week ago we had a first in our five and half years of marriage: we shared corporately at our church. Together. On stage. The whole sermon time.

The entire thing was amazing in a stressful kind of way, and we were incredibly encouraged by everyone’s comments afterwards. But as we were talking about things afterwards, we realized that maybe it would encourage people who weren’t at our church on Sunday. So here’s the recap:

  • We grew up differently than one another, but in very generous families who taught us how to serve others well.
  • God got a hold of our hearts, before we were ever married, and created in us a deep desire to serve overseas. To pour our lives out for the forgotten and vulnerable, those who had no means by which to ‘help themselves.’
  • That desire only magnified when we got married.
  • Living and serving overseas became our long term goal, a destination we measured every day to day decision against.
  • We listened to the Lord’s voice in our lives and took Him at His word. And at His promises.
  • Getting to where we are now took discipline and a lot of ‘pruning.’ The fruitless things got cut off and the fruitful things got pruned so that they could be more fruitful.
  • We learned to live with less so that we could give more.
  • A clear direction only comes from a distinct destination, and when you know what you’re supposed to do, you cut off the excess to get there quicker.

If you’d like to listen to the entire thing, you can follow this link on our church’s website.


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