Well, if you haven’t heard via Facebook or Instagram, WE MADE IT!!

We arrived in Managua a little after 11am on Monday, April 4th. All our flights (Eugene to San Fran to Houston to Managua) went well, and we even managed to get a little sleep on them, but upon arriving in Managua we realized three of our bags didn’t make it with us. We were a little disappointed by the inconvenience, but only because it was that. Inconvenient. The airport staff was very helpful, and apologetic, and told us that the totes should be in either that night or the following morning. So we filled out the paperwork, x-rayed our bags that did make it, and exited customs to meet up (and hug) Brinson and Mr. Buzbee. When we told them what had happened they explained that it wasn’t a big deal, we would just call the number the next morning to see if they had arrived yet. (The bags that did make it had our clothing and toiletries in them, so the only inconvenient part was driving out to the airport the next day.) The excitement for us and the Buzbees was palpable. And yet, the entire thing seemed so normal. Of course we live here now. Of course we want to eat Nica style lunch. Of course its hot and we are sweating. It all seemed so second nature, and really, like it was meant to be.

We stopped at a restaurant on the way back to the quinta for lunch, and it was a delicious plate of pinto gallo (rice and beans), maduros (fried sweet plantains) and grilled chicken. Even though the exhaustion of traveling was getting to me, the food was a welcomed respite after airplane/airport fare. As we sat around the table, I couldn’t keep from smiling. Mr. Buzbee and Landon were swapping cooking stories, with Brinson adding some here and there, and I just laughed. We are so excited to be able to do ministry and life, every day, with people who have become such dear and respected friends.

Since Monday we have ran errands, set up our phone numbers here in Nica, gone to the beach for an evening surf/fishing session, met the people we will rent from in June and July, swam in the pool, sweated and had beautiful conversations. We keep commenting that the fact that we live here hasn’t set in yet, but that is ok. Some day it will, but for now we are content to be full of excitement and expectation.

On Sunday we will drive to Granada to begin five weeks of language school. Please pray for us that the language learning goes smoothly, and that living with our host family does as well. (We will be doing a homestay with a Nicaraguan family for the duration of our time in Granada). Please also pray that we have safety as we travel from Managua to Granada, and around. Driving here is pretty crazy, and we don’t want to run into any problems.

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