We began going to Miss Ruby’s house back in 2013. We went on the suggestion of our former pastor, Joe. “Whatever you do, don’t leave Nicaragua without going to Miss Ruby’s to pray with the Buzbees.” We convinced our brand new friends to give us part of their day, and we drove to the prayer house. Miss Ruby passed away back in 2010, but in February of 2013 we were able to meet her sister, Miss Margarita, for the first time. At about 4’6” she was not overwhelming in her physique, but man, as soon as she began praying, that impression changed very quickly. I don’t know that I will ever forget her holding our hands in hers and violently shaking our arms back and forth as she pleaded for the Lord’s mercy over our lives. “Mercy! Mercy! Mercy, Lord! Be merciful to them!” We received other deeply personal and profound words that day, as well, but that first encounter with the 80-something Caribbean coast Nicaraguan woman changed something in us. To feel the Holy Spirit’s power and deep love through her brought us face to face with the Lover of our souls. The One we have set all else aside for. And He has continued to meet us there.

Now we travel to Miss Ruby’s prayer house to pray for others. Today we prayed for a couple who are deeply and purposefully seeking the Lord for their lives, and the direction they are to go with it. Landon received a vivid picture for them, and the Lord spoke clearly to me about a meaningful word as well. And the most beautiful part of it all is this: we get to share the Lord’s heart with others. We get to hear from the Lord, our Creator, and then share His great love. As we prayed for these dear ones today we were both deeply encouraged as well: we only met them a couple of days ago. We have shared a few meals and conversations with them, but nothing profound. Nothing on a deep level. But as we all come before the Lord with our hearts postured to receive from Him, He ministers love and healing and mercy over these ones who are waiting to hear. Waiting to hear Him speak. To say we are honored to be a part of this ministry, and to see it grow and expand, is an understatement.

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