We have spent this week out at Ruby Ranch, also, but this week we have been working alongside an awesome group of students from Tallahassee, Florida, who have an incredible work ethic, a great sense of humor and a huge heart for Ruby Ranch. This Wildwood team is seriously a joy to get to work alongside.

I began the week pretty slow, as I was pretty darn sick last weekend. We’re talking all of Sunday on the couch with fever of 101.6 and consistent trips to the bathroom. I’m mostly over it now (though I still get quick spurts of light-headedness) but it meant that I had to take the first few days very easy and slowly. It’s not an incredibly easy for me to do, as I love to be in on the action, but it was completely necessary.

But that didn’t mean that I didn’t get to visit with some of my favorite kiddos, AND I was able to meet almost an entire camp full of new ones! For this camp we spoke with Todd (Wildwood’s youth pastor) about inviting all new kids. Loads of the Las Parcelas kids get to come every time there is camp, but there is another little community we always drive through called El Caimito, so we decided to talk with the teacher there and invite those kids. The first day was a little crazy with LOADS of energy, but yesterday and today have been absolutely awesome. I cannot say it enough: watching kids laugh and play, with no stress or worry, is the funnest thing in the world. I am continually amazed that facilitating those times for them is part of my job here. Like, really?? Seriously?! Because this is awesome! I’m hoping as my Spanish progresses more I’ll be able to hear more of their stories and understand more of their home lives. I know some are good, full of love and care, with both parents present and active in their kids’ lives. But some are broken. And influenced heavily by the poverty they live in.


Tomorrow is our celebration day with the kiddos which will be awesome. We have a full day, complete with lunch, water balloon competitions and the slip’n’slide! Please join us in praying for safety over everyone, and grace to continue to have fun together.


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