We just wanted to write a quick update to tell you all:


It is such a relief to be moving forward with a new house (if you remember the one we are currently in was only a six month sublease) and a place here that can finally be our home. We have been so amazingly blessed in the last year of preparing to move and then beginning our time here in Nicaragua with the immense generosity of friends and family, but we are also very glad to be moving to a place that can be ours.

We haven’t finalized everything with the homeowner yet (we meet with him again Monday), but so far we are very excited and very relieved. Finding a place to live here is stressful, as there is A LOT to consider. (Security, cost, proximity to work, is there a water tank, electricity reliability, age of the construction, etc.) Needless to say, we are glad to be (almost) on the other side.

That being said, if you need/want a way to do some year-end giving, we could really use some extra help. We have to pay a deposit, plus buy beds, a washing machine, dishes, a table, and the other normal stuff that goes into a home. {We initially fundraised for that money, but our starting out cost and truck ended up eating into that budget quite a bit, as have some unexpected things in the past seven months.} Anything extra would be super helpful, but you need to send it in very soon to get it on this year’s tax receipt. Head on over to our finances page and check out how to give.

And thank you in advance! We can’t wait to share photos and videos.

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