One year and two days ago we moved here to Managua, Nicaragua. We sold, stored and packed up almost six years worth of married life stuff, and went to the airport in Eugene with six bags checked to our names. We knew but we didn’t know. We had ideas as to what being here would look like, but really, we were signing on for a giant adventure. An adventure in another climate, culture, language and country, and we really had no idea.

One year later we have met people from all over the United States, and will meet even more this year. We rent a home from an awesome Christian family whom we are so grateful for. One year later we are the ones ‘helping’ the newbies get settled and find their furniture, household goods and vehicles. One year later we still sound ridiculous when we speak Spanish but we find ourselves understanding more and more. We aren’t scared to go new places or try new food like we were last year. (That sounds funny, but without the language we really stuck to what we knew last year.) We have had our ups and our downs, but I can honestly say that one year later we are even more certain that this is where we are supposed to be, and we wouldn’t trade it.

Please continue to pray for us as we receive three teams this week for Semana Santa, and for the teams. That their time would be full and deep and the Lord would work mightily in and through them all.

If you would like to financially partner with what we are doing down here, or financially support us, please shoot us an e-mail. 

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