We hope to always approach our lives, including the talents and resources we possess, with cupped hands. Never wide open so that opportunities are not cared for and given proper attention, but also never with clenched fists, lest we forget the great adventure that can be experienced when we let the Lord redirect our plans and expectations.

For the first five years of our marriage this has looked like 9 to 5 jobs in Eugene, Oregon, around an incredible community of people. We have had family close, friends all over town, and ample opportunities to meet incredible people in our day to day lives. We have lived in cozy apartments and walked familiar streets each day. The familiar has been a safe place to grow and learn, about each other and ourselves. About life, work ethic, patience and grace. But beginning next spring (mid April to be exact) we will trade the familiar with the not so well known. We will trade our every day for a new normal. We will move ourselves and a few of our possessions to Managua, Nicaragua, to serve where we feel like the Lord is leading us next. We will be working with Open Heart Ministries, doing everything from hosting teams to building mountain bike trails. The Buzbee family moved to Nicaragua eighteen years ago with hearts after the Lord and for the children of Nicaragua. Nearly two decades later, the ministry is thriving with two rescue homes, a feeding program, an after school tutoring club, a dynamic prayer ministry, an in-the-works wilderness camp, as well as hosting over thirty mission teams a year. We have been invited to help, and we are going.
We have ideas about what the next steps will look like. We have hopes and dreams about what it will come to be. But mostly, we aim to love the Lord with everything we’ve got, and love people, too.

Thank you for your interest in what we are doing.

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