Yesterday I read Chachi’s update about Casa Robles and the Nicaraguan Scout Troop out at Ruby Ranch. And about taking the older kindergarten kiddos from Club Esperanza to McDonald’s. And my heart leapt. These are the things I am overhwelmingly excited for. Giving kids an outlet to be in the wilderness and investing in their lives. I cannot imagine a better way to spend this life I’ve been given.

It’s so interesting, because if I’m honest, when our former pastor Joe came back from Nicaragua in 2012, and told us about the camp at Ruby Ranch my initial response was, “Camp? Really?” He had told Landon and I that we would love it and he could totally see us catching the vision there. We couldn’t see it. I’d been to various camps since about fifth grade, helped counsel at a handful more, and Landon used to live on one. So we both felt fairly confident that we had experienced our share of ‘camp life.’ But as is the case sometimes, God began turning our prideful, calloused hearts. We met Brinson in February of 2013 and caught site of the bigger picture.

Camp provides a safe place for kids with far too many responsibilities and worries to relax. To play. To be kids. It also opens up their hearts and minds to the vastness of God, as Creator. It allows them to stretch their legs and their hopes, as they are holistically ministered to. Play is vitally important to humans, young and old, and for many of the children in urban and rural Nicaragua, it can be stifled due to the reality of day to day life. Many we have met have almost lost their sense of wonder. Regaining wonder can be tough without having the time and space for it. This is what Ruby Ranch is already and will continue to provide. Adventure. Laughter. Risk. Growth. And this is why we are excited to be a part of it.

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