In the summer of 2014, while backpacking with Landon in the Jefferson Wilderness, the words “go swiftly” were uttered to my soul. I was watching my husband walk the trail in front of me, with only the backpack on his back, and had been thinking of how much more free I felt in that moment, with minimal possessions attached to us. The words echoed in my heart and I knew there would come a time when we would be asked to walk swiftly, not tied down by numerous belongings.

I think that is why selling everything has felt so cathartic to me. I’ve been waiting to do it for a long time.

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  1. Jamie, I so love your posts, they are so encouraging and I just love to hear how God has been working in your lives. I love how you and Landon love Jesus and each other. Excited beyond words for your adventure. Lov you two so much


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