I wanted to share a little update about how things are going, and where we are with our preparations.

We have begun the fund-raising process! Thank you a million times over to those of you who have already committed to supporting us, who have given us towards our one time start-up cost, or who have simply said, “I’ve read the letter. We are praying. We will let you know.” You have no idea how encouraging it is to see progress on all of this. Just a few weeks ago we were driving home and I expressed to Landon that I had been pretty honest with the Lord that morning. “I just told Him, ‘Look. I need to see some progress. My heart is trying to get anxious and scared, and Lord, I need some help with this…'” About that time I looked out the window of the car and a magnificent rainbow was stretching across the sky. And just as clearly as I had been speaking to my husband, I heard the Lord speak to my heart, “Remember what I promised you.” I felt a little ashamed, but also very grateful, and the very next day we had three or four different people contact us about their desire to support us. So thank you!! On that note, on the right hand side of this page we will keep a running total of the support we have so far and what we need. It’ll look like giant thermometers.

We have sold most of the things we need to, though as I walk through our home I recognize more items that I will not be packing into a suitcase bound for Nicaragua. So please keep an eye out for new items on our For Sale page in the coming weeks.

We also have been generously offered a place to stay for the months of January through March, and we are so grateful. Some dear friends have space, and recently offered it to us, and we are incredibly humbled by it.

Yesterday (Saturday) we were able to share our story at our friends’ church in Salem. It was beautifully challenging, as it is a Latino church and neither Landon nor I could share our hearts in Spanish. Trying to keep your thoughts together, and remember to wait for the interpreter can be difficult. We made it though, and we were so blessed to hear over and again, “Dios te bendiga.”

In the next few weeks we are looking forward to sharing Thanksgiving with our friends and family, packing up our apartment, and continuing to invest in our circles here in Oregon.

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