This was written yesterday, but I knew I needed to share it today.


We drove behind a set of oxen the other day. The two men who were trying to get them to work together were obviously frustrated. The two massive beasts, full of strength and potential, were hardly moving anywhere. The two huge bodies were not moving in concert with one another, making the load lighter for each other, but instead were actually pushing against one another. Their resistance towards one another created an awkward dance of sorts, where the will of each one would win out for a second, but then the other would pull back, and the ground covered previously was lost. It was fascinating and somewhat sad to watch, as I could see what they needed to do. They were yoked together, and should have been able to effectively move the empty trailer, but instead their conflict caused more harm than good. I am not a person who knows a whole lot about oxen, about how to take care of them, train them and work with them, but even I could see that they had to work out whatever it was between them in order to be effective. And at about that moment, the men aboard the trailer began to work with them. One jumped down, grabbed the lead rope, and began physically leading them where he wanted them to go. The other man stood atop the trailer and used a long stick with a pointed end to prod them in the direction he wanted them to go. Rather than let the oxen destroy one another, or the equipment, the owners stepped in. They saw it good to intervene, and begin leading and prodding those potential rich animals in the way they should go.

As we were praying today at Miss Ruby’s, this is the thing the Lord reminded me of. I was praying for other people, getting pictures and words and encouragements for other people, and the Lord reminded me of the oxen. And I knew why. For the past little bit of time, this has been us. Each full of potential, yoked together, and yet fighting one another. I would push against Landon, trying to lead where we were going. Then he would resist, pulling another way. Not completely in opposition to one another, but fighting one another, nonetheless. Having deep desires to move along in the way we are to go, but ending up doing an awkward dance together instead. Fighting our differences, rather than using them together to further this walk we are on. But this morning, the Lord saw it good to help us. To come in front and lead, and also to come behind and prod. To show us both where we have been wrong, and to bring us back to our knees before Him.

He is faithful. Great is His faithfulness.


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  1. Jamie, beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. I love the encouragement and power of testimony that this story holds.

    Yes, He is faithful. Great is His faithfulness.

    Love, Hanna (the German from Loom 🙂 )


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