I wanted to post a little update. And though we haven’t had a team out at Ruby Ranch exclusively since Valor left, we have had plenty to do.

Through a series of ‘oh wow! The Lord is amazing’ connections, we were able to have a meeting last week with the director of another local non-profit here called Engineering Ministries International, a “non-profit organization that provides donated design services for evangelical Christian ministries in developing countries that are helping the poor and advancing the gospel of Christ.” In other words, exactly the kind of help we need right now with Ruby Ranch. We are coming to a place and time where we would like to begin building more permanent structures (cabins, bathrooms, kitchen, shop, etc) but in reality we are not sure of where the best places to build those would be. And though Ruby Ranch is about 500 acres, we are really focusing on developing the first eight or nine, which are what we continually posting pictures of. We plan to eventually develop the other 492 acres into an incredible trail system for hiking, horses and, possibly, dirt bikes, but, we want to first develop the part that is closest to the main road. Which is the part we need help with. And amazingly enough, the kind of project we have (master planning for a camp) is right up EMI’s alley. We are in the application process right now, and will be sharing more as things progress, but we are hopeful that our application will be accepted and we can work with EMI on this great plan. (Please pray for this!)

We hosted three day camps at the end of last week. Even though Ruby Ranch isn’t complete, and we can’t yet host overnight camps, we have an awesome ability to do day camps, utilizing our playground equipment, trampolines, soccer court, baseball field, horses, bicycles, volleyball court, and of course, giant slip’n’slide. The kids who are invited to come just love to play. Most of them know how to ride bikes, and maybe have ridden a horse before, but get very few opportunities to do so freely. So when they come to RR, the objective of the day is to have as much fun as possible. I don’t think words will ever do justice to the great privilege it is to be able to provide a place where kids like Tito and Dulce Maria and Alexander can run, jump and laugh in such a free way. It is truly amazing.




He learned how to ride earlier in the day.

Last weekend we were also able to hang out with two different friends from our time at language school in Granada. Alex came and stayed the weekend with us, and kind of just joined in with what we were doing. It was so fun to share good conversation, food and laughter with someone we had only begun to become friends with when we left Granada to come back here to Managua. And also to hear, first hand, what a Brit thinks of Great Britain leaving the EU… Then on Monday, we were able to pick up another friend (who had been my classmate at Casa Xalteva) at the airport for a whirlwind hangout time. Seraphine had to fly back to Switzerland on Tuesday morning, but not before we introduced him to the Buzbees, showed him Ruby Ranch and cooked a wonderful meal together. We loved having both friends with us, sharing about what has happened since language school, and what we hope to see in the future.


Overlooking the development, and checking out the volcano.

Today we had a beautiful time of prayer with a team from Beautiful Feet, an awesome organization that is based out of Florida. It is always so encouraging and amazing how the Lord uses simple vessels like us to minister His great love to His sons and daughters. Praying with people this summer at Miss Ruby’s house has been the deepest honor of my life. I look forward to every time, and want more of these times. (Look out friends and fam!)

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