As the oat flour pancakes cook, I’ll take a second to write about our home.

We moved into another subletting situation a few weeks ago, and are very glad to be here. We have battled mosquitoes more here, and our next door neighbors are loud chickens, but our little neighborhood is very safe, full of AWESOME people, and very close to the Buzbees, making our commute almost nonexistent (which is a very good thing). We hadn’t intended to sublet again, but as the end of our time at the other house came to the close and we looked at the calendar, we realized we would have no availability to go look for a house for ourselves. So when we were forwarded the e-mail about our current house again, we decided to go see it, speak with the normal renters and give it all a shot.

I am so glad we did. We are staying in a house with three bedrooms and two baths (though one room is full of the other family’s things, so we do not have access to it), a great sized living area and great kitchen. We do not have a huge amount of outdoor space that is ‘attached’ to our house, but within the neighborhood there is a pool and some other shared space that we are allowed to use. Living here in Nicaragua can be pretty different than in the states (like we don’t flush toilet paper here), but this house has a few things that make it feel a little more ‘normal’ to us.

We will be in this home until December, when we come back to Oregon to visit. We will need to find a new place to rent before our trip back for the holidays, so prayers for that would be very much appreciated. We would need to begin renting the home before we leave so that we can move in, and then come back to it in January. (Those are logistics I’m not super excited to figure out, but I know it’ll work out in the end, so I’m not stressing about it.)


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