The first cabin is underway! The first cabin is underway! The first cabin is underway!!!


We are so excited that the very first cabin at Ruby Ranch is in the middle of being built right now. The local contractors are working diligently at building our eco style Tombo cabin, and should have the roof completed by the end of this week. These are the same contractors who built our rancho, as well as other rancho-style structures around Open Hearts Ministries. They are master craftsman and we are so excited to be working with such talented individuals, while supporting the local economy. We are striving to employ local Nicaraguans whenever possible, and Adali’s team is a perfect example. For every one of the ten or so guys he has working with him, there is a family that gets to buy food, pay their light bill, and maybe save a little for later. The impact is like pebbles being thrown on a pond. We look at the place the pebble enters, but the successive rings of influence are the amazing part.


Right now we have enough funds to finish the skeleton of the cabin, the roof, and possibly the floor. But we still need about $5200 in order to be able to wholly complete the floor, walls, electrical and lighting. We also will be doing half wall screens on three of the walls, as well as a railing on the porch. Would you want to help us by donating? If so, you can click on the donate button at the bottom of GCRI’s website, making sure to denote the donation as going to Ruby Ranch Cabin.


And thank you for your continued prayers for Ruby Ranch. We are honored to be a part of such a beautiful ministry, and cannot wait to see the finished product!

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