I was so glad to have the opportunity to fly back to Oregon two weekends ago to celebrate my younger brother’s wedding! My brother Travis and his (now) wife Tara were married on October 15th in the nearly 100-year-old barn of my late grandpa. There were so many aspects of the event that were so special and meaningful, from the antlers hung as decoration to the actual barn the wedding took place in. And to watch my brother, someone I admire greatly, stand before us and vow to remain faithful and in love with the woman he loves moved me to tears. It was a beautiful weekend and I will forever be grateful to my sister and dad for donating their airline miles, my mom for covering the cost of the airline taxes, my husband who told me that I couldn’t miss it, and our friends here in Nicaragua who helped Lando out while I was gone. It truly was a beautiful day, and I am ecstatic to have another sister-in-law!




My brother-in-law Andrew figuring out how the old workbench could be used as a buffet table, while keeping the saw. (He ended up just removing the blade.)


Trav, Anthony and Andrew fixing the wall on the small barn.


I’m no florist, but when you give me 


of GORGEOUS flowers, I can do alright.



The dessert buffet, contributed to by various friends and family members.



Saying their vows. (The mounts were both taken off Grandpa’s property, one by Travis and the other by our Grandpa Bob, who passed away last year.)


 The first communion.


 The other fun part of the weekend was I was able to hug some very wonderful people. Including these goofballs.


The other Thiel kids. I’m lucky to have them as friends, as well as family.


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