When we moved to Nicaragua I think we both sort of expected to have to give up all the things we enjoyed about our lives in the states. Everything from food and hobbies, to the demographic of people we enjoy to work with and be around. And there are some things that have changed, for sure. And things we haven’t rediscovered here, but also have found that to be ok, as well. But one thing we have been so glad to get to continue in is working alongside high school and college aged people. We absolutely love it. And the team who just left from Tallahassee, Florida, is no different.

The youth pastor from Wildwood has been bringing teams down to Nicaragua for the last 14 years. He has literally seen Ruby Ranch since day one, and has watched as the kids out in Las Parcelas (the community near the ranch) have grown from young primary-aged students to thriving secondary school students, and even those who have gotten married and now have kiddos. There is a rich history of Wildwood serving here in Nicaragua, and despite all our joking with them about breaking water pipes, we love having them here serving with us.



Part of the team’s project was to build a new deer pen.


The camp photo after a super sweet chapel time.


The final goodbye at the gate.

The nearly two weeks was packed full of work projects, VBS for local kids, and a little bit of fun. Way too many PB&J sandwiches were eaten, and some pretty hilarious pranks were pulled. But all in all, we had an awesome time with this team, and we are so glad to know each and every one of them.


The 2017 Wildwood team. We love these people!


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