Next month we will have a first at Ruby Ranch. We will be hosting our first ever mountain bike race!

It is a bit surreal to think about the fact that there is a mountain biking community here in Nicaragua. I think for both of us, mountain biking was definitely one of those things we laid down when we moved overseas, and really did not expect to have an avenue to do it again. Though the terrain at RR is perfect for riding, we didn’t even know if you could find bikes here, let alone an entire group of people who love the sport. But there is, and we are so excited about it!

[Small rabbit trail here: we are finding that like most developing countries, Nicaragua is a place of extremes. The insanely wealthy live a mere twenty minute drive away from the city dump, where people sift through trash to try to find something of worth they can recycle for an income. We regularly pass a horse-drawn cart and a Mercedes Benz on the same highway. So while we initially felt ‘called’, if you will, to the poor here in Nicaragua, we are learning the balance of being called to the country as a whole, instead. So we don’t get hung up using a thing like a mountain bike race to promote the vision and heart of Ruby Ranch, demonstrate Jesus’ love to people who can afford a nice mountain bike as well as a vehicle to transport it in, and have some fun doing it. Not that anyone was thinking that, but I think it is worth explaining our ‘why’. 😉 ]

So on the weekend of November 18th there will be a two day event at Ruby Ranch. We’re so glad to be partnering with our friends at Ruedas Leon, as well as Prorider, a Specialized dealer here in Managua. The event will include food vendors, an outdoor movie and of course, the race.

The guys have been working tirelessly on the actual trail, trying to cut trail where there previously was only steep hillside, and planning out the best way to ride the single track. Luckily, because RR was used previously to raise cattle, some of the trails were already established by the cows a long time ago.

Long story short, we are so excited to see Ruby Ranch enjoyed by more people and be able to share the heart and vision of the ranch with another group of people we may not have had the ability to share with otherwise.

Please be praying for not only the event but for all of us involved as we try to get the Ranch ready and prepare for the best event possible.

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