It is October and that means two things: we’re one month closer to Christmas (I am definitely more excited about this than Landon is) and this is the month when we will, theoretically, get to meet the newest addition to our family! Homeslice, as we have lovingly nicknamed our baby, is ‘due’ to arrive on October 25th. But since statistically most first babies go late, we aren’t holding our breath for the 25th, or even really October. This could be a November baby for all we know. 🙂 But everything is going great. We know so many of you are praying for us and thinking of us, and we feel it and appreciate it! We will have another doctor appointment next week (about two weeks out from our due date) but as of the last one, everything was going perfectly. We are so grateful for not only an awesome doctor who is genuinely excited for us, but also for our ‘tribe’ here. Made up of friends who are like family, they are huge supporters of us and this baby, and we couldn’t be more grateful to be walking through this exciting season with them by our sides. We deeply miss our friends and family back in Oregon in times like these, but the Lord is so gracious to bring others around us just when we need them.

In other news, it is almost the ‘end’ of the rainy season, which means LOTS of rain. In fact, as I write this there is massive flooding in the southern part of Nicaragua due to Tropical Storm Nate. We haven’t been affected (except by our water being out) but many here have. Please pray for them as you can imagine how flooding would affect those who are already living in very vulnerable situations.

With the rain, comes beautiful growth. And some not so beautiful. Aka: mold. Whether it is that ‘nesting’ thing that happens at the end of a pregnancy, or just my OCD, but I have found myself smelling and inspecting everything! From sheets and towels to the rims of our ball caps and rain coats, the mold is growing something fierce. Luckily, most of the things we have found it on can be cleaned in some way, so we haven’t had to throw out much. But man. Oregon humidity does not even come close to being the same as this!

And it may be sharing too much, but Landon also had some fungus growing in his EAR!! You read that right! His ear. Two weeks ago we went swimming and he got some water from the river stuck in his ear like happens when you go swimming. Two days later he still had the feeling of the water in there, and began to have ear ache like pain, as well. We went to a local clinic and the ‘doctor’ assessed it as a bacterial infection, prescribing antibiotics to be taken orally and in ear drops. As the days passed, the pain subsided, but then his hearing was gone. And in a country where you don’t completely speak the language, you need all the hearing you can get! So we asked for a referral from my doctor to an ENT specialist at the hospital and visited Dr. Fuentes this morning. He took one look in Landon’s ear (after hearing our description of the events) and simply stated, “Sí. Hongos. Su oreja está llena con hongos.” I did a quick translation in my phone and laughed. “Landon. Your ear is full of fungus.” Long story short, the doctor was able to remove the guilty spores, prescribe some medicine and a way to clean the ear, and we were on our way. Who would have thought?! (Also, luckily for you, the reader, I forgot to take photos.) 😉

Thank you for reading and check back soon to read about our first ever Ruby Ranch hosted mountain bike race!

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